PARKING  (underground)   

The project offers the apartment owners their own dedicated parking space underground. The parking area has automatic access gates and it is monitored with CCTV.


Families and their children will enjoy playing basketball and training in our modern and fully equipped fitness center. This facility is an exclusive facility to our clients and there will be no access provided to strangers.

GREEN ZONE (garden and kid’s playground) 

You can enjoy with your family our huge garden (3000 sqm) completely planted with more than 180 trees. This family-oriented development will provide you and your children a safe outdoor recreational area at your doorstep.


You no longer need to worry about leaving your building to buy your daily necessities. We brought everything to your home. All what you need is to visit our commercial zone and you will enjoy shopping in your community supermarket, you will buy your hot bread and cake from our bakery and even get your clothes washed and ironed. In case you need to buy medicine, our pharmacy will be working 24/7. A delivery service will be available as well to make your life easier.

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